Soremar Group with 35 years of experience in the maritime sector and more than 520 employees, aims to lead shipbuilding, marine electronics and satellite communications with outstanding solutions focused on high performance.


Throught its 9 companies and 21 offices specializing each in a the section of the life cycle of your vessel: From boatbuilding to navionics; engines and propulsion system; safety at sea and satellite communications, SOREMAR Group aims at being your one stop-shop in the marine industry.


Becoming your preferred partner with the best global technical service and highest. Succes rate upon first day of intervention is our biggest motivation. SOREMAR Group will become a listen company in the stock market in 2020.


We specialise in the distribution and repair of navigation equipment and marine electronics. For over three decades we have been leaders in Morocco with more than 80% of the Marine electronics market. We represent 48 world-renowned brands, placing great importance on the image we reflect on our partners.